4/4/18 - New Andros Content and a Short Film!

Hello and welcome back to www.ATMarousas.com! I have a few exciting updates to share, so let's get started.


My series of matches with Nikos Rikos continues at the Warriors of Wrestling Studio Tapings. We plan to have one final battle at the next set of tapings to determine the dominant Greek. Watch our second match below:

Since my last update, I also put together a highlight reel/vignette/promo for the Andros character. I try to showcase the new "hostile" attitude of Andros, as opposed to the lighthearted nature of the character seen within the context of The Perfect Strangers. It was a fun little project to make and I'm happy to share it!

An upcoming video project I have in mind will be a series of promos defining a new mission that Andros has set for himself. I like the idea of giving a wrestling character a mission beyond just winning matches as I feel it will add depth. By the next update, I should have some videos to share.

Upcoming Dates:

4/14/18 - Warriors of Wrestling

4/28/18 - Capitol Wrestling

5/12/18 - Warriors of Wrestling

5/20/18 - Capitol Wrestling

6/2/18 - Capitol Wrestling

6/9/18 - Warriors of Wrestling

7/14/18 - Warriors of Wrestling

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Short Film

My biggest piece of news is that I completed and made available my short film, "Limbo"!

As mentioned in the last update, I had plans in place to create a film-noir styled short. I definitely had some limitations: no budget and no crew. Despite those hurdles, I do believe this is the best piece of film work I have yet to do and am very excited for you all to watch.

The premise is that a man finds himself waking to an empty office space devoid of color and sound. As if that wasn't bad enough, every "day" seems to repeat itself. The main character's panic and confusion slowly turns into resignation as time goes on. Then, one magical morning, he is greeted with the arrival of a new companion. This turns out to be just a pen that can't even write, but the man is so excited to have someone or something with him that he doesn't even care. His new existence seems a little less dreary... but will it last? 

I was able to write out a prologue of sorts for a fantasy novel I'm playing around with. I am definitely due for some form of writing. After reading the first two books in The StormLight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, I am more inspired to write something in that genre (thus the aforementioned prologue). I need to stop procrastinating/being nervous/being lazy and just write.


That's all for today, folks!

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Be well!

Your Aspiring Entertainer-Extraordinaire,

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