About Me

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I did not realize it at the time, but I was in love with storytelling even as a young child. I would put on plays with my younger brother and other kids for our families when we had guests over. I would ask my mom to help me film my own version of Star Wars or super hero movie. I would think I wanted to be a zoologist after watching Nature programs on PBS when, actually, I really wanted to be the host of the show. I even started my own, albeit short lived, newspaper in elementary school. I grew up reading Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, Animorphs, and Pendragon. I consumed documentaries, movies, and television shows whenever I could. Despite all of this, it was not until my senior year of high school where I allowed myself to fully dive into storytelling in the form of drama classes and participating in that year’s high school musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Throughout college, while pursuing a double major in Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences as well as Economics, I dabbled in storytelling whenever I could. This included participating in some student films, my own talk-show on WRSU FM Rutgers Radio, and the beginning of my training to become a professional wrestler.

If we fast forward a few years to today, I can see that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of experience and original content. This site serves as my official portfolio, covering the various mediums through which I have explored my creativity and desire to share stories.

You will find examples and links of my short stories, lifestyle articles, and other written content under the “Writing” tab. Nearly all of these pieces can be found on my media outlet, The Motley Experience.

I enjoy visual storytelling, and so I’ve devoted a section of this site to images of myself (yes, I know how that sounds) as well as of some beautiful locations I have had the pleasure and privilege to visit. You can explore these under the “Pics” tab.

Video storytelling has been my favorite format, and also the most difficult to work on as a solo artist. Under the “Film” section, I have examples of the documentaries and films I have produced and shared.

Lastly, professional wrestling has been the center of my world sine I was 12 years old. I have been fortunate enough to train and work as a professional wrestler for the last five years and have added some select content to the “Pro Wrestling” tab.

As of this time, I am on an indefinite hiatus from being Andros, my sports entertainment character. My focus, therefore, is shifting more towards writing and even a bit of modelling. I am also curious about dipping a toe into podcasting to explore audio content.

While the avenues which I use may change, the same need to communicate information and ideas remains steady and strong. My goal is to create and share stories, fictional and nonfictional, that will entertain, educate, and inspire those who find it.

Why? I believe this world is so large and that it is incredibly important for each of us to open ourselves up to it. We no longer have an excuse to remain inside of our little bubbles. While there is pain, suffering, and heartbreak, there is also incredible beauty to be found across the globe. I’d like to do my own small part in exposing us all to as many stories of humanity as I can. I truly believe that by doing so, we will all be better for it.